Lil’ City Consulting was established in order to assist individual Natural & Organic Food brands in the quest for obtaining or managing their coveted Non-GMO Project Verification. My aim is to make this certification process or maintenance easy for you and your company. I believe the more products that become verified, the consumer will be able to make the right choice for their families and in return, we shall have a stronger voice as a nation fighting for the right of essential simplistic food labeling. I feel this verification is complimentary to the USDA Organic certification as it serves the role for testing high risk crops, that of which organic does not do.

Lil’ City Consulting is focused on brands with a need for their product to be submitted and/or guidance through the verification process and requirements. This can range from one particular high risk product or an entire line of items needing verification. Services provided to clients include: analyzing customer needs, understanding current business obstacles, identifying projects needing completion, reviewing potential solutions, assessing ingredient sources to meet regulations and standards, as well as working with the Quality Assurance department of companies and facilities where the product is made in order to compile necessary forms and understand processes involved with specific items going through verification processes. Maintaining an accurate record of ingredient documentation is key, and often the result of this detailed verification process. My goal is to facilitate the process from start to finish of evaluation and alleviate the headache for you.

I also work on 3rd party certifications such as Gluten Free, Halal, USDA etc. I am eager to work on a personalized plan for your company. Contact me today to see what I can assist your team with.